Monday, July 31, 2006

In the Name of the Father... Part IV

When does the tension end?

I take my ignorance of finance to extreme heights. As a salaried individual (with a wee bit of confusion... two jobs in one financial year), all I need to do for my tax returns is to add up my two Forms XVI.
I - however - fax the two forms to my dad in Calcutta, who does the calculations, fills up the Saral, xeroxes the documents I need to attach, ticks (in pencil) where I need to sign and sends the whole bunch back to me! I put the whole thing in an envelope and stand in a queue (for 7 mins) to complete the winning run. Even in this, I almost managed to screw up by using a wrong sized envelope!
Net net, I do not get harassed by the IT department alone. I drag my family into the whole sordid ritual.

In between all these, I had several conversations with my dad. After the obligatory imbecile-proofing of his already idiot-proof instructions, he asked, "How's Tina?"
"Okay", I said, "She is fine health-wise but with the baby kicking the shit out of her and all sorts of other aches & pains, she is extremely tense and dying to deliver. Once the bugger comes out, only then will the tension end."
My father sighed. The 59-year old said to his 32-year old son.
"The tension never ends." Click.

A sobering thought. Now, what do I look forward to?
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