Monday, July 10, 2006

Runglee Rungliot

As a fanatical Brazil supporter, I had seen this bald man condemn me to a cumulative wait of 8 years... So, why did I feel inexplicably sad when I saw this picture? I mean, served the bugger right for running circles around Ronaldo, no?

But then again... as a fanatical Bollywood fan, if Materazzi did say what the media is reporting, Zinedine Zidane did not behave like a bull. He behaved like a hero. Like all men of epic proportions, he did not do what the world wanted him to do. He did what he felt was right.

A momentary madness... a history of on-field rage... suicidal tendencies... all that are fine. But you do feel more than a twinge of sympathy who considers his personal honour to be bigger than the biggest prize of the game.

As for Runglee Rungliot, it is the name of a famous tea-garden in North Bengal. It means... This Far And No Further.
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