Friday, September 22, 2006

In the Name of the Father... Part Dunno

What is the male counterpart of Mad Momma?
Paagal Papa, I suppose... and that's what I have been for the last 16 days, 1 hour and 3 minutes!

He Who Must Be Named

Well, he has been named... Dyujoy Chaudhuri. And the reactions have been far from gratifying. Sample these:
"Is it a family conspiracy to have difficult names?"
"How do you spell that?"
"Ki shundor naam... kintu, maaney ki?"
Maaney holo "conqueror of heavens". And as of now, no precedents - mythological or literary - have been identified.

End of story? Not quite. Now, there is still this huge matter of finding a daak-naam for him. Dyujoy and all is very fine for his school-leaving certificates and bail application forms, but what will everybody call him?
And as several posts have propounded, the Bengali daak-naam is a mystery shrouded in an enigma behind theIron Curtain beyond the Solar System.

So, to avoid any prolonged debate and heart-burns thereof, I have decided to keep his daak naam in true Wikipedia style.
Open content. Anybody can come in and edit as long as it does not hurt the religious, political and social sensibilities of the parents.

Officially, the name is Joy. Though the grandparents have opted for a hip-and-happening DJ!

And I am freaking out... on various days, I have called him:
* Osama - the night of 11th Sept, when he bawled his lungs out to raze the twin towers of his mom & dad!
* Gangster - the day his behaviour did not allow us to watch the eponymous movie.
* Dalai - a dreamy, Oriental look usually associated with post-excretum ecstacy.
* Pantua - a creased, puckered-up look in which he sucks in air to let out a really horrendous howl and goes deep red like one.
* Dhumrolochan - literally, it should mean Smoky Eyes (I think). I must have read it in some book or the other but cannot remember where.

And as for affectionate names a parent can call a child, there cannot be a better example than the following untranslatable one...
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