Saturday, November 11, 2006

In the Name of the Father... Part VI

Lage Raho...
Turnaround time: 66 days.

The Son, The Wife and I managed to tick off the first film on our to-watch list today as we hit PVR Spice for the 11:15 show of Lage Raho Munnabhai! I read that even the UN General Assembly watched it today.
The kid behaved admirably during the show as he snored through most of it, even chuckled (or so I thought) at one of Circuit's wisecracks and only got scared when the mother let out a loud whoop on Abhishek Bachchan's last scene appearance!
We are preserving the ticket for posterity... nobody remembers the first movie I watched in a theatre!

When the baby was on the way, our biggest worry was that we will be grounded for an inordinately long period of time, desisting from our passions of food and cinema! So, we diligently collected notes on what other couples had done. I must say we have done a great deal better than most of them!
We have already tried out Chinese (Mainland China - 25 days), Coffee (Barista - 38 days), Italian (Flavours - 45 days), South Indian (Saagar - 50 days), Mughlai (Minar - 52 days) and Classic (Bukhara - 60 days). Today, we managed to break the other barrier as well.
And as a good omen, the trailer of Ekalavya was on.

Shakti: The chase begins again!
But all that bonhomie will not take away from the fact that my son hates me!

Who's the guy without a food tap?
Who's the guy who is forever rubbing my bum with wet wipes?
Who's the guy who shoves the bitter colic medicine down my throat?
Who's the guy who pushed me down when that nurse poked me with TWO needles?
Who's the guy who tries to put me to sleep when I wanna party?
Who's the guy who will make me study architecture when I want to be a DJ?
Who's the guy who will shoot me when I am running down a tarmac?

Damn, and I thought these things happen only in the movies!


the mad momma said...

congratulations... 18 months down and the Brat is not allowed to watch tv so a movie is a far cry... but i can expect no less from the movie buff father... thank your stars for a well behaved son

OrangeJammies said...

Okay you're taking this movie acculturation thingie a bit too seriously, no? But I must say your son seems to have behaved admirably. Must be thinking: let him have his day, the loon. I'll have mine when I make him get up halfway through a thriller because he has pee on him. Heehee ;-)

Rhea said...

Oh ..but think of how disturbing the loud noise would be for him. Our doctor strongly advised against taking the baby to the cinema.. so we usually leave her with the maid and
catch late night shows.