Sunday, August 19, 2007

Copycat: Plagiarism in Bollywood

Heard Javed Akhtar recount a beautiful story on Mad Momma's least favourite TV show - Koffee With Karan.
Apparently, he went to this producer for his first ever script narration and the man listened to it without interruption. A nervous Javed Akhtar asked, "Sir, kaisa laga?"
The guy replied - "Darling, story to teri achhi hain. Lekin ek bada risk hain... Yeh kahani kisi bhi film mein aaya nahin ab tak!"

Thought the whole affair of plagiarism in Bollywood merits a post and came up with one.
Posted it here in a disgusting dispay of greed. You see, they are giving away 10000 bucks for the two best posts of the week!
So, read it there... But I am posting my next round of PJs right here. So, do come back!
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