Thursday, September 06, 2007


The good doctor pulled out a slippery, gooey mess – not unlike a chicken marinated in tikka masala – and exclaimed – “Oh good, Dipta. A quiet boy like you. You won’t have to manage another one like Trishna.” (Ahem!)
Trishna took a look at the mess and squealed, “Oh god, he is so ugly. Just like ET. And so cute.”
Those first words are an apt summation of the last one year’s roller coaster of emotions and actions.

They are usually two kinds of creators in the world – Pygmalion and Doctor Frankenstein. And we veered between the two with a speed that would have scared a certified schizophrenic. One moment, we were totally in love with our bundle of Joy and the next, we were ready to give him to the next passing stranger!

Sometimes, I marveled at how much our parents did for me. Remember, they did not have diapers or wet wipes!
Sometimes, I wondered why I fell for my wife’s idea in the first place!
The other times, I was just too tired to think.

And as Mr Dyujoy Chaudhuri completes a year of entering our lives, I have to thank him. He made me realize the limits of my endurance. Then, he made me extend them!
And finally, he made me enjoy it all!
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