Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Utterly Butterly

There has been a lot of uproar (2 comments, precisely) over my last post being too personal. But then, with an identified readership of 7, two disgruntled readers constitute very close to a majority. So, I have decided to go unabashedly mainstream and write on a topic which EVERYONE in India just loves - advertisements for Amul Butter!
Show me a guy who does not like that cute, chubby girl with hilarious puns and I will show you Raj Thackeray!

For a very long time in Calcutta, just one hoarding in the entire city (outside Minto Park) was reserved for Amul and if I did not pass the area for an extended period of time, I used to worry about the lines I was missing. One of the earliest ones I remember was a take on the Iskcon craze and it urged people to Hurry Home Hurry to Amul!

So, here is my attempt at playing to the galleries and list down my 10 Favourite Amul ad lines.

1. When Pat Cash defeated Ivan Lendl at the Wimbledon - Cash is Better than Czech.

2. After Maradona's performance at World Cup 86 - Marad 'ona to aisa hona / Butter hona to Amul hona.
But after he cried foul in World Cup 90, they turned the above line around and said - Marad 'ona? Phir Matha eus karo!

3. After the release of Shahenshah - Rich taste mein toh yeh sabke baap hote hain. Naam hain Amul-tabh Makkhan.

4. After Manmohan Desai's death - Amar, Akbar, Anthony aur Amul.

5. At the time of the Y2K problem - Y 2 K (Yes 2 Khana)

6. After Aamir Khan's singing debut - Khati kya? Makhan dala!

7. After Rabri Devi becoming the Bihar CM - Patni for Patna

8. On the promises of the 1991 General Elections - Roti, Kapdaa aur Makkhan.
(A famous ad agency once released their recruitmen ad with the headline - Roti, Kapdaa aur McCaan!)

9. After India won an ODI series, leading to a patriotic surge - One Day Mataram.

10. After the T20 World Cup victory - Anhoni ko Dhoni Karde.

The best lines are the one which took on a hot topic of the day and put a buttery twist to it. I came across a recent one on the 'net, which was a take on Kamalhaasan's latest film called Dasaavatharam. The headline was Dus Butterum and the sub-head said Kamaal ka Makkhan.

In fact, all the ads are now available on the Amul website.
One day, I will trawl through the entire list and expand my list. Because it is evident from the current list, all my favourite lines have a filmi bias and are from the mid 80s to the early 90s (which is as far my memory agrees to go).
So, what's your favourite Amul line?
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