Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yet Another Slumdog Post

There are two people who deserve all the awards in the world for their contribution to Slumdog. One of them - Rahman - will probably get most of those since I have not seen a film which has been lifted so much by the background score. 

The second person is Gulzar. 
Behind the stirring music (and really crappy choreography - where's Farah Khan?) of Jai Ho are stunningly simple yet poignant lyrics of the master... 
Aaja aaja jind shamiane ke tale
Aaja zari wale neele aasmaan ke tale
Ratti ratti sach maine jaan gavayi hain
Nach nach koylon pe raat bitaayi hain
Aankhiyon ki neend maine bhookh se uda di
Gin gin taare maine ungli jala di hain

And the third person worth a mention in the very entertaining film is Amitabachchan (sic) - a man for whom people will take a lot of shit. From slumdogs to millionaires. 
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