Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bangalore or Hyderabad?

By a strange coincidence, all the teams in the IPL 2 semi-finals are from cities I have spent the most time during my professional career. And by an even stranger coincidence, the two finalists are my two most favourite cities.
But which is my absolute favourite among these two?

Bangalore has pubs opening every week, which shut within a year. Hyderabad has eateries that are decades old and still packing it in.
Bangalore has a new airport halfway down to Beijing. Hyderabad has a new airport halfway down to Seattle.
Hyderabad has Paradise. Bangalore has Koshy's.
Bangalore has Infosys. Hyderabad had Satyam.
Hyderabad has Chocolate Mousse at Melting Moments. Bangalore has Death by Chocolate at The Corner House.
Bangalore has Bheema's. Hyderabad has Chutneys.
Hyderabad has Walden. Bangalore has Strand Book Stall.
Bangalore doesn't have Vishwanath any more. Hyderabad doesn't have Azharuddin any more.
Hyderabad has Hussain Sagar Lake. Bangalore has Lalbagh.
Bangalore has Pepsi. Hyderabad has Thums Up.
Hyderabad has Hi Tec City. Bangalore has Electronic City.
Bangalore has Bheja Masala at Empire. Hyderabad has Kaleji Fry at Daawat.
Hyderabad has Mainland China at Banjara Hills. Bangalore has Mainland China at Church Street.
Bangalore has Brigade Road. Hyderabad has Banjara Road No. 1.

So, is it Bangalore or Hyderabad?
I guess it will still have to be Calcutta.

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