Sunday, August 23, 2009

Killer Kaun? - 10 Ways to Identify the Bollywood Murderer

Bollywood specialises in finding innovative and interesting ways to identify the killer, especially the hero's father's!

Here is my list of Ten. Do you know which films they are from?

1. The killer has different sized shoes (8 & 9).

2. The killer has a bracelet, with a horse dangling from it. The kid hero saw it (only it and nothing but it!) from inside a cupboard.

3. The killer has an overgrown toe.

4. The killer is a tiger. No, wait - he is a man. Nope - he is a tiger!

5. The killer gets on the train at VT. He gets off at Dadar, commits the crime and gets back on to the train at a later station. A perfect alibi of being on the train all the time!

6. The killer has a bandhgala with a button missing. Each button of that bandhgala is an exquisitely crafted precious stone, worth about a million bucks.

7. The evil killer has a twin good brother. The evil one kills his brother and sets it up as if he himself is killed. And prepares for a lifetime of respectability.

8. The killer is the hero's twin.

9. The killer is the one who was the victim all this while.

10. The killer has a cigar. And a hat. And an overcoat in peak summer. And dark glasses in a dimly-lit nightclub. Oh wait - he is not the killer. He is 'the CID'.
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