Thursday, December 10, 2009

Voton Pe Aisi Baat: Indibloggies 2008

I just realised that I screwed up my chance to win the Most Humourous Indiblog by cracking the pun in the title. But sometimes, a man must stand by his principles and not compromise for material gains.

The Indibloggies have hotted up, with biggies like Amit Varma naming their personal favourites, populist measures being announced and coalitions being formed.
After laughing out loud at the antics of PUB, I sobered up and wondered how I could get a few more votes other than the three I voted myself from Rediff, Gmail and Hotmail. And even that runs the risk of being cancelled - if there is any multiple-voting limit!

My first option - admittedly un-original but potentially effective - is to form JUB (Jadavpur University Bloggers). With the venerable GreatBong and the tangy Sauce! from the same august institution as myself, we could hope to mobilise the Bengali votebank quite effectively.
Except that GB can possibly win this year by using his margins from last year and Sauce, coming from the artistic side of the University, is a little put-off by this shameless vote-grabbing that I am indulging in!

The other option is slightly more original though its efficacy is under a bit of cloud.,
Every day, I get about 145 mails from people who want (a) to enlarge various body parts of mine, (b) to give me millions of dollars (or South African Rands) residing in dormant bank accounts or (c) to help me claim the billions of pounds I have won when my email was selected among the trillions from around the world.
I could write back to these guys (and some very interesting gals as well - especially for Point A) and direct them to the voting URL. Presumably, these good Samaritans wouldn't mind clicking on the link and quickly voting for Calcutta Chromosome.
The downside is that they might also want to know my bank account number and e-PIN but considering the money I usually have in bank accounts, this is still an economically viable deal (as long as those people actually vote)!

The third - and actionable - option has already been activated. By which kind souls have already voted and are continuing to do. A classmate, who is changing jobs, has voted from the emails of his past and current jobs. Can't pretend there are too many like him. Or should be!
Another classmate (from school) is mighty excited that I am still repeating the same jokes from Class XI. Yet another classmate - with a massive and fanatical following on the blogosphere - has given a nudge to his constituency, which is about as big as a mid-sized company. And of course, my sisters are all for me anyway!

Therefore, I stand bemused as a nominee of Indibloggies with embarrassment and greed in equal measure. I thought it would be one of those novelties I would not have to do too much about. But I now realise that the past winners (or even nominees) are too illustrious for me not to try to emulate.

Voting closes today.

Do vote - (for me - shamelessly) in Best Entertainment and Most Humourous categories.

I promise not to crack bad jokes on this blog again. (Pssst... that was to get Mad Momma's votes. Of course, I am lying!)

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